Straightforward. Truthful. Sincere.

About Carrie Martsching

People who need legal help with a family law issue appreciate an attorney who listens to their concerns, works with them to formulate a strategy to move forward in their lives and executes that strategy in a prompt, professional and favorable manner. They appreciate a straightforward and truthful approach.

And that is precisely why I founded my own law firm, Martsching Law Firm, LLC. Since 1997, I have been representing clients in family law matters and have dedicated my practice to providing clear, straightforward legal advice that is tailored to each client’s individual needs and their unique domestic situation. I work closely with my clients to give them the absolute best legal representation possible.

My Mission Is To Help You Make Things Better

Providing honest, ethical, straightforward advice to my clients is my mission — all in service of helping you find a better, safer future. I have been practicing family law almost two decades because I truly enjoy tackling challenging domestic issues and making my clients’ lives better as a result. To this end, I do not hesitate to talk candidly with clients about the issues they face. I also place great emphasis on providing personalized attention — from the moment I take your case until all your legal matters are resolved.

Although much of my practice is dedicated to family law, including matters such as child custody, child support and divorce, I also do estate planning for families with small children and represent clients in other legal matters on an as-needed basis.

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Tell Me Your Goals — Let’s Plan Your Future

In every case I take, I take the time to listen to my client’s goals. I also give them a big-picture overview of their entire case from a legal standpoint — not just piecemeal information, but a complete vision of all the possible outcomes to their case. Even though this is not always an easy conversation, especially when children are involved, it is important to realize you may have to continue some interaction with your former partner for years to come — about parenting, alimony, child support, decisions involving the children and more.

I am a lawyer who wants to talk to you candidly about what you want your future to look like, what your relationships will look like — and then I will take strong legal action to protect your interests and help you achieve your goals.

Contact me today for help with your family law or estate planning issue. Call my offices in Liberty, Missouri, at 816-832-2555, or send me an email online.