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Under Missouri law, both parents have equal rights to shared parenting time with their children. One parent is not preferred over the other when it comes to spending time with the child or making important decisions.

However, things do not always start out equal.

The best way to guarantee your rights is to come see me, attorney Carrie E. Martsching, in the Kansas City metro area. I can represent you in Missouri courts, formally establishing paternity and protecting your rights as a parent.

Paternity isn’t just an isolated issue. In many cases, paternity must be established before child support can be ordered or before child custody and visitation can be granted. When I bring a paternity action on your behalf, the court will address all of these matters.

Knowledge And Empowerment In Missouri Paternal Rights Cases

Parents do not always understand the way Missouri law may apply to their cases, especially in paternity matters. When parents are unmarried and when a father’s name is not on the birth certificate, a father may have fewer rights than he anticipates. For example, he may not be entitled to parenting time with the child under an official parenting plan. The best solution is to go to court to have him declared the legal father of the child.

For mothers too, parental rights are not always so clear. Many mothers do not realize that they will have to go to court in a contested paternity matter in order to have child support established.

In these cases, knowledge is the best way for parents to understand and protect their rights. That is why I take the time to talk honestly and openly with my clients about their cases. I answer questions in clear language that doesn’t take a lawyer to understand, and I help my clients understand how Missouri law might apply to the facts of their cases.

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