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Restraining Orders And Orders Of Protection

Has someone been harassing you and your family? Has a spouse or significant other become abusive toward you? If so, you can stop the harassment or abuse by obtaining a restraining order or an order of protection.

In Missouri, a restraining order can be obtained if you are involved in a divorce and want to prevent your spouse from engaging in physical, mental or financial abuses. An order of protection can be obtained if you are being physically abused by your spouse, a significant other or the parent of your child.

Protect Yourself From Abuse

As an attorney with almost two decades of experience in family law matters, I know how to help you stop or prevent the abuse. You do not need to put up with being taken advantage of or treated like dirt. I can get you immediate relief by filing for the protective order that is right for your situation.

  • Restraining Order — In a divorce, a restraining order can be requested as part of a maintenance or support request. The order is designed to make sure that assets and property are accounted for and used appropriately — and not transferred, hidden, spent frivolously or depleted. A restraining order can also:
    • Prevent a spouse from harassing, abusing or disturbing you or your children
    • Remove your spouse from the family home if physical or emotional abuse is present
    • Establish temporary orders for child custody and child support
  • Order Of Protection — An order of protection can prevent an abuser from harming, molesting or stalking you and your children. It also prevents the abuser from communicating with you — in person and through a third party, and via text, phone, mail or chat. You can also get temporary child custody, support and visitation rights, in addition to orders requiring the abuser to:
    • Move out of your home
    • Continue paying your rent, mortgage, insurance or car payment
    • Attend anger management, domestic violence or substance abuse classes

You Can Get Immediate Help Today

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