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Family Law — Anticipate The Outcome

It can be difficult to predict the outcome of a family law conflict. The best way to know what you can expect is to schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable attorney. At my Liberty, Missouri, law firm (serving the Kansas City area), I can talk with you about the law so that you can anticipate the potential outcome of your case. Together, we can develop a strategy designed to achieve the best possible results.

I handle a range of family law matters, including:

Divorce Mediation In Missouri

Mediation benefits almost every divorce case. In mediation, couples can narrow down the issues to be tried so that they spend less time in court. The result? They spend less money on attorney’s fees. They also gain greater control over the outcome of their case. Studies show that couples who choose their own outcome — instead of being told what to do by a judge — report increased satisfaction with the outcome. They are also more likely to follow the parenting plan that they create.

Of course, mediation is not right in every divorce. As your lawyer, I always leave settlement on the table, if at all possible. If settlement can’t be reached, I am prepared to go to trial when necessary. I will zealously advocate for my clients at the mediation table and in Missouri courtrooms. My goal is always to look out for my clients’ best interests, legally and financially.

Schedule A Consultation About Family Law

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