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Client Testimonials

“It was comforting to have Carrie by my side at every step of the process. From the petition through the counters and negotiations, through the contempt of court process, she had my back and gave me the legal guidance I needed.” – K.B.

“The contempt motion she set in process dragged on and she stepped back while I managed continuance after continuance but she never really left my side, she watched over me from a distance. The day the judge set it for final trial she knew and reached out. For that, and for all the chaos she helped me manage through the messy process I am ever grateful and would gladly refer her services to anyone in need.” – K. B.

“I feel that I was treated with great respect. I can totally entrust you to look out for my best interests. You and Linda were very committed, thorough and consistent with your interactions. I truly appreciate all the support and guidance that I received in working with you and Linda” – A.T.

“Carrie helped with a minor legal issue and made sure the process was flawless and went smoothly. She kept me informed, and I felt very comfortable and confident in her ability to take care of my situation. Would recommend Carrie without hesitation.” – C.D.

“I think you did a terrific job in court and outside court. You told me what to expect and you were on the money every time. I have nothing but respect for you personally and also for your professional abilities.” – D.V.

Carrie Martsching represented me in a very contentious divorce. Carrie was honest, hard working and VERY easy to work with. She kept me informed and was always available to answer my questions via phone calls or email. In court she was totally professional, respecting the court while clearly and effectively articulating the important aspects of my case. Ms. Martsching completed my case with a very positive outcome without excessive cost to me. She was an excellent choice to represent me!” – D.V.

“I cannot say enough great things about Martsching Law Firm, LLC. Carrie was polite, professional and very knowledgeable during my divorce. She was quick to answer questions, very affordable and seemed to always have my best interests in mind. Highly recommend!” – C.B.