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Modifying Your Support Orders

As time passes, things change. Court orders that once worked for a family often stop working. A parent may lose a job or desire a move. A child’s needs may change. Often, families find that the plan they currently follow in no way reflects the plan that they created in court. In each case, it is necessary to go back to court to formally modify the order.

At my Kansas City area law firm — Martsching Law Firm, LLC — I assist in matters of modification and enforcement of existing court orders. I handle a range of these issues, including:

Modifications are usually granted when there is a substantial change in circumstances — when a parent loses a job and needs to modify child support or when a parent needs to make a move in order to put food on the table. If you are planning to modify an existing order, you must prove to the court that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred by providing evidence of your situation.

Child Support Modifications

Many of my clients have experienced financial challenges in recent years. They have faced lost earnings and unemployment. Often, these challenges affected the amount of child support that they could pay or that they received.

If you have lost your job and cannot pay child support, you should not simply stop paying. Instead, you must motion the court for a downward modification. If you fail to do so, you will continue to fall behind on payments and could face serious legal trouble.

Talk With An Attorney About Modification Of Custody

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