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Child Custody Advocate

In Liberty and other places throughout Missouri, courts consider the “best interests of the child” when making child custody decisions. Judges carefully weigh eight factors to determine what is truly best. These include whether each parent is willing to carry out his or her duties as a parent, whether he or she is financially able to support the child, the physical and mental abilities of each parent as well as the relationship between the child and other family members.

At my law firm — Martsching Law Firm, LLC — in the Greater Kansas City area, I can talk with you about how these factors may apply in your case. I can help you understand how courts might view your child custody situation and what you can do to achieve the best possible outcome. I will then forcefully and zealously advocate for you and your children.

Knowledge And Empowerment In Child Custody And Child Support Cases

This is the way that I handle all child custody matters, whether they originate in a divorce or paternity proceeding, or whether parents need my help for enforcement or modification of existing court orders. Much of my work involves the creation or modification of realistic parenting plans that protect both parents’ relationships with their children.

I also vigorously represent clients in child support matters. I assist with establishment of child support or with enforcement or modification of support.

As a lawyer, I try to empower my clients to take control of their futures rather than leaving matters up to the legal system. This approach can have a different impact, depending on the facts of the case. Sometimes, empowerment means turning to mediation to have clients negotiate what is best for them on their own terms. Other times, empowerment means taking forceful action — going to trial to protect parents’ relationships with their children.

Talk With An Experienced, Savvy Attorney

In every case, empowerment means knowledge. I talk openly and honestly with my clients. I discuss the facts of their cases and how Missouri courts may view those facts. I help them understand the strengths of their cases and the potential weaknesses. Answering any questions my clients have, I discuss the law and the way the law may apply.

You have a lawyer you can turn to for needed support in child custody and child support matters. Contact the Martsching Law Firm, LLC, by calling 816-832-2555 or completing an online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney.