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Property Division In Missouri

In every divorce, property owned by the spouses needs to be divided. The parties, or a court, need to decide questions like — who gets the house? Who gets the lake cabin? How are retirement accounts and investments divided?

When getting a divorce in Missouri, it is important to understand how the marital property laws work. From marital to nonmarital and separate property, and real property to personal property, you need to know what property you are entitled to so you are not taken advantage of by your spouse or the court system.

Making Sure You Get What You Deserve

At Martsching Law Firm, LLC, I am a lawyer who has been practicing family law in the greater Kansas City area since 1998. My goal in every case is to make sure my client’s needs are taken care of and that they get what is rightfully theirs under Missouri law.

As an experienced attorney, I take a very hands-on approach to every case I take. I get to know my clients and understand their needs and desires — which gives me a greater ability to fully represent their interests when it comes to dividing property. I know what is important to my client, what is important to fight for, and what is less important to my client, what I can use as leverage to obtain other property that is more consequential to my client.

I also take the time to explain the different property types and how that relates to your situation.

  • Marital property — property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is generally considered marital property and divided equitably between the parties
  • Nonmarital property — property acquired by either spouse before marriage, as well as certain property acquired during the marriage (including some inheritances and gifts), is considered nonmarital and not divided in a divorce
  • Comingled property — a mixture of marital and nonmarital property, which must be sorted out to fairly compensate a spouse for their contribution to the property

Understand Your Rights — Know What Is Yours

I often see clients who have received a lot of information about property division that is incorrect — either through friends, family or the internet, they have been misled about what property they are entitled to in a divorce.

I will let you know what your rights are and straighten out the misconceptions you may have so you are not taken advantage of. For help with your situation, contact me at my Liberty, Missouri, offices by calling 816-832-2555 or sending me an email online.