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Contempt And Enforcement Proceedings

When a divorce or legal separation is finalized, all parties are expected to follow the directives set forth in the final order or judgment — child support payments must be made on time and in the correct amount, visitation schedules must be adhered to and health insurance premiums paid in a timely manner.

But what do you do when your former spouse doesn’t follow the terms of the order? What if they are always late with spousal support payments or withholding visitation rights? You do have options — and an experienced attorney can help you enforce your rights by bringing contempt of court or support enforcement proceedings on your behalf.

Do Not Let Noncompliance Slide

At Martsching Law Firm, LLC, I help my clients enforce court orders and obtain the support to which they are entitled. Since 1997, I have worked tirelessly to make sure my clients get what they deserve — I hate seeing people taken advantage of, especially when children are involved, and have dedicated my career to helping people get fair treatment when life has treated them unkindly.

To establish that a party is in contempt of court, I will thoroughly prepare your case to establish that the offending party’s violation was open, willful and deliberate. When a person is found in civil contempt, they can be put in jail until the violations are remedied, or given an opportunity to cure the violations without jail — they can also be ordered to pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs.

Protect Your Rights Under The Law

As an advocate for my clients, I can help them enforce a variety of different types of family court orders, including:

  • Child support orders
  • Debt repayment orders
  • Family access orders
  • Maintenance and alimony awards
  • Money judgments
  • Parenting and visitation schedules
  • Property division orders
  • Retirement and pension account divisions

Do not sit on your rights — as soon as your former spouse stops complying with a court order, contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your options. Call my office in Liberty, Missouri, at 816-832-2555, or contact me online, to hear how I can help you.