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Estate Planning For Families

For families with young children, an estate plan can be the best way to gain peace of mind, just in case something happens. At my law firm in the Greater Kansas City metro area, I represent many young families that are seeking to create estate plans.

A complete estate plan is more than just a will. It may also include a testamentary trust for assets inherited by minor children as well as a living will and power of attorney. I can explain each of these documents to you and talk candidly with you about your plan.

Guardianships can also be written into estate plans, appointing a guardian to care for children in the event that both parents pass. Provisions in a will name this guardian and also appoint professionals who will manage assets and make sure that the child is financially well cared for.

Simple Estate Planning In Missouri — The Benefit To Your Family

The greatest benefit of simple estate planning is to protect your spouse or your children’s future, ensuring you that a plan is in place should something happen. If you do not name a person to step in, anyone may petition the court to become the guardian of your child — even a person who may not have your child’s best interests in mind.

Especially in complex situations with difficult family politics, I recommend that my clients appoint a guardian for their children. Having a plan in place does more than protect their children — it guarantees peace of mind should something happen.

A great deal of family infighting can be prevented by talking with an attorney about what is right for you. Ultimately, this saves time, money and stress for you and your children.

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