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Domestic Partnerships

A domestic partnership, similar to a civil union, is a relationship between an unmarried couple, same-sex or opposite-sex, who live together in a committed relationship, share a common domestic life and seek the same economic and noneconomic benefits enjoyed by their married counterparts. In some states, domestic partnerships are legally recognized, and domestic partners are granted many of the same rights as married couples.

The state of Missouri does not recognize domestic partnerships. The cities of Kansas City and St. Louis, however, do recognize domestic partnerships — and they each have a domestic partnership registry where partners can document their relationship. Registering a domestic partnership is similar to getting a marriage certificate — and it does give domestic partners some of the same rights enjoyed by married people.

Have Your Relationship Recognized Legally

In Kansas City, domestic partners may be recognized by the city if they share certain expenses related to the basic necessities of life (e.g., food, shelter) and affirm that they:

  • Are not related by blood
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have lived together for at least one year
  • Intend to live together permanently
  • Are not legally married
  • Are responsible for their partner’s welfare
  • Are each other’s only domestic partner
  • Had the legal capacity to consent to a domestic partnership

At Martsching Law Firm, LLC, I have the experience necessary to help domestic partners resolve all types of domestic partnership issues, including:

  • Drafting domestic partnership agreements
  • Enforcing domestic partnership rights
  • Dissolution or termination of domestic partnerships
  • Litigating equitable lawsuits of partition
  • Providing counsel in custody and visitation disputes
  • Advocating for fair distribution of property

Understand Your Rights As A Domestic Partner

Because domestic partnerships are not fully recognized in Missouri, it is important to talk to an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney when you have questions or concerns about the domestic partnership laws in your area.

To discuss your situation with a lawyer who understands the nuances of domestic partnership law, contact me at my Liberty, Missouri, office by dialing 816-832-2555 or filling out my online contact form.